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$400 Chute Fee for Shipped Semen

LATIGO CAT is a NCHA Money earning and money producing Own Son of High Brow Cat out of Dainty Lena, a $300,000 money producing Own Daughter of Smart Little Lena,who’s dam Dainty Oak produced $345,000 money earners! This outstanding stallion’s bloodlines have proven themselves over and over again, the statistics tell it all! We offer offspring for sale.

Buying or Breeding?

Terry and Carmene St. Pierre are the owners of Fieldstone Farm and breed high quality Cutters, Reiners, and Performance Horses!

At Fieldstone Farm we are proudly standing several incredible Stallions! Not only including the accomplished and proven Performance Stallion, Smart Blackbird, but also the incredible Foundation Stallion Two T Tivio Tornado! “We continue to grow our Stallion Station and in 2011, we introduced Only One Peppy Cat, by an own son of High Brow Cat out of a daughter of Mr Peppy Bay by Mr San Peppy! An Up-and-Coming stallion that will soon be added to the roster is Peptoboonbar, an own son of Yellow Roan of Texas by Peptoboonsmal out of an own daughter of Boon Bar!

“We confidently breed our Stallions to some of the top Performance and Foundation bred mares, not only within our broodmare band but to outside mares as well!

Our Fieldstone Farm Broodmare Band includes daughters of Boon Bar, Freckles Playboy, Young Gun, Tenino Badger, Docs Hickory, War Drift, Elans Playboy and by sons and out of daughters by Smart Chic Olena, Peppy San Tari, My Beaver, Grays Starlight, Mr San Peppy and Doc Olena. We carry Foundation bloodlines including Peppy San Badger, Colonel Freckles, Driftwood, Hancock, Sunfrost and Beaver Creek!”

“We live by “God Bless the Broodmare” and “Be the Best you can Be”. We have poured our hearts and souls into Fieldstone Farm and feel it has paid off with the production of some of the finest horses in the industry! We are proud of our bloodstock and offspring, we hope our clients are too!”

“Not only do we believe in the Foundation Quarter Horse and the incredible Performance Bloodlines, but we believe in what these horses were bred to do! Their even temperament and soundness, their incredible minds and trainability, their durability and their versatility! They represent what a horse should be and these qualities reflect in our love for them!”

NEW to Fieldstone Farm is the addition of the following program;

Fieldstone Farm Designer Foal Program

This new program provides our Clients with the ability to own a tailor-made Fieldstone Farm foal to suit their needs and meet their wish-list! Our mottow being “Our Stallions, our Mares…your choice, your next Show Stopper!”

“Meeting Cattle for the first time!”

Fieldstone Farm Michigan FQHR Hall of Fame

We are very proud Sponsors of the “The Fieldstone Farm Michigan FQHR – Hall Of Fame”. A very great honor awarded to a person who has been significant in the growth of the Michigan Foundation Quarter Horse Registry industry; or has been outstanding in his/her area of activity involving Foundation bred Quarter Horses in Michigan. And/Or to a horse that has been outstanding over a period of years as a sire, dam, or competitor and has been or is registered with the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry. We welcome you to view “Inductees” at

Without the incredible team of professionals behind Fieldstone Farm which includes; Trainer – Bill Thomas, Website Designer Stephanie Gilliland, the Farrier for Fieldstone Farm, Scott Reed, and Rodney Brown we would not be where we are today! If you are interested in their services, these people can be contacted to assist in any of your breeding and training requirements and we thank them for their dedication and drive for excellence.

“In remaining sincere to ourselves, we hope we are always remembered for breeding some of the best quality horses in the industry, that we were sincere friends to everyone we met, and for remaining true to ourselves and others!”

“For capturing our horses through his lens.Thank you Rodney Brown Photography, “Love My Paws Petography” for his partnership as Fieldstone Farm’s “Official Photographer”. Rodney is an extremely talented, artistic and amazingly creative photographer with a gifted eye and a penchant for perfectionism! Through the lenses of his camera he has eternally preserved the beauty of his subject, our magnificent horses, creating an everlasting tribute. Thank you again, Rodney and Jennie, for capturing our bloodstock and portraying them for everyone to enjoy! We feel truly blessed!”

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and thank-you to Bill Thomas Jr. of Saginaw Michigan, who campaigned our show horses ~ including our incredible stallion ~ “Smart Blackbird”. Our success has been driven by your talents and drive for excellence! For our friendship as well as partnership, we will be forever grateful!

Terry & Carmene St. Pierre
Fieldstone Farm

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“Our loyal farm dogs”

Fieldstone Farm: The Best Farm and Horses

Raising horses is fun because you get to ride them around your place as you raise them. Although there are days when these animals can be very playful and a little stubborn, it can’t be denied that their loyalty is undeniable. 

If they grow up to be fast, you may want to guide them so that they can be the next horse racing superstar. However, that might be a little tricky if you don’t have your own horse yet. With that, we at Fieldstone Farm decided to breed our horses so that we can share the amazing bloodline of our horses with owners and breeders. 

With that, here are some of the things that you can expect from us! 

We have high-quality horses

Here at Fieldstone Farm, we ensure that all of our animals are properly taken care of. With that, our clients can be guaranteed that all of the horses that we offer are all well-vaccinated and checked. We make sure that all of our horses have no underlying conditions so that their new owners will have no problem taking care of them. Aside from that, most of our horses also come all the way from Texas and Oklahoma. 

We have an amazing bloodline of horses

Our broodmares and stallions hail from the best horses. In fact, some of those whom we have here are the children of renowned horses like Boon Bar, Freckles Playboy, Young Gun, Tenino Badger, Docs Hickory, War Drift, Elans Playboy, and many other horses whom you may be familiar with. 

We have trained horses 

One of the hardest parts of raising a horse is training them. With that, we made sure to have a couple of trained horses on our roster. Although these horses may be more expensive compared to the others, we can assure you that they will save you time and effort as they are already capable of following basic commands.

We have different types of horses

We have a wide selection of stallions and of broodmares here on our farm. That way, our clients can choose from a wide variety of horses. Some of our horses already have racing experiences, if that’s what you may be looking for. 

We have an amazing facility

In order to give our horses the best life, we made sure that our facilities are topnotch. By visiting our place, you will see the nice environment and the clean stalls that we thoroughly maintained for our beloved horses. 

Overall, there are a lot of amazing things that you can expect from us here at Fieldstone Farm. Just located off Highway 401, make sure to check out our place and get to know more about the horses we offer. There, we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect horse for you! 

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